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Intuitive context help

Each screen in the system contains helpful information available at the right-hand side of the screen. The content of the help is adjusted to the current screen (context help) and to the current level of user's permissions. The help screen can be hidden or shown at any time. The settings are saved, so that when you return to the previously viewed screen, you don't have to show or hide the help again.


Each ratio has an associated tooltip containing ratio's description, method of calculation and its interpretation. The information is shown after hovering mouse pointer over the ratio's name. The tooltips have been developed by the Experts from the University of Economics in Katowice.

Technical support

In case of any questions or problems the users can use one of the following independent channels of communication with the technical support team:

  • Email to the technical support team using the contact form or directly at
  • Report an issue - a ticket to the technical support team. The ticketing mechanism is built into the system and allows logged in users to report the problems which may potentially appear while working in the system. The mechanism allows, apart from reporting an issue, to track the conversation and communicate with the support team.

Get ahead of the others and automate your financial analysis

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