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A solution for entrepreneurs running their own business/company

19.00 zl excluding VAT

23.37 zl including VAT
for 4 analysis

  • Number of users: 1
    • Number of users that can have access permissions to this account. If account has been created using an email address from a company domain, then you can create unlimited number of users within the domain.
  • Number of analysis: 4
    • The default number of analysis which you can perform for the given price. The analyses are available for an unlimited period of time.
  • Maximum number of periods: 4
    • You can create multi-period analysis consisting of at most 4 periods.
  • Data archiving period: 12 months
    • Period of time for which the data will be kept after not using the system.
  • Financial standing
    • The system allows quick control and monitoring of the financial standing by the assessment of the values of the company's crucial analytical ratios.
  • Comparison to the industry benchmarks
    • The system allows comparing the company's ratios to the industry benchmarks. The industry benchmarks, presented in the system, were calculated based on the financial data published by the Central Statistical Office of Poland and their values are constantly updated.
  • Correct the existing analysis
    • Analysis correction is a function that allows to easily and quickly correct the data that was entered into the system.
  • Extend the analysis by further periods
    • Financial analysis can be extended into multi-period reports. This way it is possible to create monthly reports, adding later new results after the end of the month, quarterly reports or multi-period reports with yearly data.
  • Create *.pdf reports
    • Creation of own analysis scope by defining and adding graphs to reports.
  • Standard report personalisation
    • Report personalisation includes entering the company data and logo.

Performing financial analysis for companies has never been so easy, intuitive and comprehensive.

The system offers:

  • unlimited time to perform the 4 analysis available by default for the package price,
  • the possibility of using the financial documents generated by the accounting software used in your company,
  • graphical presentation of the basic financial ratios, in the form of the financial standing,
  • comparison of company’s results with the industry benchmarks calculated on the basis of the Central Statistical Office of Poland reports,
  • personalized pdf reports and the possibility to use the charts and tables exported from the system in your own reports,
  • 12 months access to the archive data since the date on which the last analysis was created.