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A solution for accounting offices and financial advisors providing services to their clients

99.00 zl excluding VAT

121.77 zl including VAT

  • Number of users: 3
    • Number of users that can have access permissions to this account. If account has been created using an email address from a company domain, then you can create unlimited number of users within the domain.
  • Number of analysis: No limit
    • In the Expert package, the number of analysis which you can perform in the month is unlimited.
  • Maximum number of periods: 8
    • You can create multi-period analysis consisting of at most 8 periods.
  • Data archiving period: 24 months
    • Period of time for which the data will be kept after not using the system.
  • Financial standing
    • The system allows quick control and monitoring of the financial standing by the assessment of the values of the company's crucial analytical ratios.
  • Comparison to the industry benchmarks
    • The system allows comparing the company's ratios to the industry benchmarks. The industry benchmarks, presented in the system, were calculated based on the financial data published by the Central Statistical Office of Poland and their values are constantly updated.
  • Correct the existing analysis
    • Analysis correction is a function that allows to easily and quickly correct the data that was entered into the system.
  • Extend the analysis by further periods
    • Financial analysis can be extended into multi-period reports. This way it is possible to create monthly reports, adding later new results after the end of the month, quarterly reports or multi-period reports with yearly data.
  • Create *.pdf reports
    • Creation of own analysis scope by defining and adding graphs, comments, additional and own financial ratios to reports.
  • Standard report personalisation
    • Report personalisation includes entering the company data and logo.
  • Number of clients: 100
    • Number of clients, for whom you can perform financial analysis.
  • Number of watchers: 200
    • Number of watchers you can assign limited account access permissions (view analysis and reports).
  • Create *.csv and *.xlsx reports
    • Generating the financial analysis reports in the *.csv and *.xlsx formats.
  • Extended reports personalisation
    • Personalisation includes entering the company data and a logo in the company (client) reports, for which the analysis has been created.
  • Adding a comment to the analysis
    • When performing the reports, you can insert your comments, notes and recommendations regarding the financial analysis for each data group.
  • Additional financial ratios
    • Additional analytical ratios are an extension of selected ratio groups available in the system. They allow to deepen the analysis of the financial standing of the company.
  • Own financial ratios
    • Define your own ratios and add them to the reports.

Financial advisors can easily and quickly analyze the financial statements of their clients, and obtain the results in the form of nicely designed reports.

The system offers:

  • unlimited number of available analysis,
  • multiuser and multilevel data access,
  • personalized pdf, xls and csv reports and the possibility to use the charts and tables exported from the system in your own reports,
  • sharing the analysis results with the clients having the appropriate data access rights,
  • adding comments to the complete analysis as well as particular groups of ratios and including tchem in the reports,
  • creating own ratios, dedicated to particular clients’ needs.