Template settings

The analysis view settings available after account registration cover the predefined graphs for particular groups of data as well as all basic ratios.

Template settings allow to adjust the system to your individual needs.

Analysis personalisation includes:

  • Graph's settings – it is possible to create new graphs or change the existing ones. Graph's settings involve data series (max. 3 series), graph's name, graph's type, legend's location, as well as the datatips visibility. Selecting option 'Add to report' allows to add the graph to the report in the *.pdf format. If this option is not selected, graph will be still available in the system, but it will not be attached to the report. You can create max. 5 graphs for each data group.
  • Scope of data – it is possible to attach additional amd own ratios to the analysis. The attached ratios can be shown on the graphs.

If the changes are saved as a template, each new report will be compliant with this template.