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To address the needs of financial analysts, we have extended the functionality of the system with some elements that are crucial from analysts' perspective. The scope of the system allows to offer systematic and comprehensive financial analysis including the assessment of bankruptcy risk or the probability of financial data manipulation.

The financial analyst can:

  • Configure the team work using a multiuser access with varying access permission levels,
  • Import clients' data, in the form of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement, into the system,
  • Prepare personalised financial analysis for the clients,
  • Extend the already prepared analysis. It is possible to add further periods (months, quarters, years), and consequently to systematically monitor the finances of the clients,
  • Extend the scope of the financial analysis by additional ratios available in the system,
  • Extend the scope of the financial analysis by own ratios. The system allows to define own ratios together with their description,
  • Comment ad provide recommendations related to particular groups of ratios. The comments and recommendations will be available to the clients both in pdf reports and in the system,
  • Create the *.pdf, *.xlsx and *.csv reports to the clients,
  • Share online the results of your work with the clients, by defining the access permissions to the system. The clients will be able to view the analysis, which the analyst marks as ready to share. The preliminary versions of the analysis will remain visible only to the analyst,
  • Assess the risk of bankruptcy based on five discriminative models and the Wilcox ratio, which allows to evaluate the creditworthiness of the client,
  • Assess the probability of financial data manipulation based on the Beneish model,
  • Define own scope of monitored ratios available in all analysis.
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