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Analysis results

This view contains the list of reports to which you have access. Access to the results depends on defined permissions (Account owner, User or Watcher).

Apart from the unique report name, you can find the creation date, and optionally the information regarding the user who has performed the report, client's name and information regarding potential errors in the report.


  • New analysis – allows creation of new analysis.
  • Preview - allows to preview the results and perform their analysis using graphs. You can access the preview by clicking on the report name.
  • Edit - allows to edit the input data, such as balance sheet and profit and loss statement. Corrected input data will be recalculated and taken into account in the preview and report view.
  • Extendallows addition of new periods to the report. This option allows the creation of multi-period reports and can be used to create forecasts of the future periods. A new report will be created as a result. The original report will remain in the results list without any changes.
  • Delete allows to permanently delete a report.

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