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Credit calculator

Tool aim

The credit calculator allows to create a credit repayment schedule. The tool is dedicated to people who want to know the amount of principal repayment paid in different periods of time.


The credit calculator calculates the amount of individual principal repayments with given credit rate, credit period and type of instalment.

When calculating the principal repayment values, it is possible to take into account the free period of the repayment, the provision and the date of taking out the credit.

Format of the imported files:

  • *.pdf-balance sheet and comparative version of the profit and loss statement files generated by Symfonia or Comarch Optima accounting packages.
    Documents can't be scanned!
    Importing the files from the *.pdf format transforms the image into numbers. To avoid errors during data import, files imported to system should be generated by the accounting packages instead of being scanned. Scanning the documents significantly changes the graphic format with respect to the standard representation provided by the files generated by the accounting packages.
  • *.xls(x)-balance sheet and comparative version of profit and loss statement files generated by Symfonia or Comarch Optima accounting packages.
  • *.xls(x)-balance sheet and profit and loss statement files created using the templates of data import available in the system.
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