Monitor your company's finance

Use the latest financial monitoring tool in Poland, providing the necessary information for business management




Learn the extensive functional scope of the system and check how fast and easy it is to create the financial analysis.


Easy to use

The system combines the ease of use, extensive functional scope, multilevel and multiuser online access, automated data import from files provided by accounting software packages as well as clear data presentation.

The system has been developed in cooperation with the Experts of the University of Economics in Katowice.

Do you frequently monitor the financial situation of your or your clients' companies?

Perform financial analysis easily and compare the results with industry benchmarks


Monitor the financial situation of your company. Prepare financial reports for shareholders, supervisory board members, partners, contractors and banks.


Accounting offices

Extend the services of your accounting office. Monitor the financial situation of your clients’ companies and provide them the access to up-to-date reports.


Financial advisors

Introduce innovations to the services you provide to the clients. Analyse, comment, advise, prepare reports and share them online with your clients.



Use the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice by performing financial analysis. These exercises will help you in the future during further education and in your professional life.


What's new


Free access to!

During the epidemic threat the system is available for free!

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Technicenter partnership with WSB University!

Technicenter Sp. z o.o., the publisher of the system, became the partner of WSB University in Chorzów

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10.12.2019 Edu - educational version

The educational version of system is already here!

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Educational tool

The system is an educational tool for finance and management students.

Use the educational version of system for free

Extensive scope of analysis

The scope of the system covers: general performance ratios, liquidity ratios, debt management ratios, efficiency ratios, profitability ratios, balance sheet and profit and loss statement percentage composition as well as dynamics analysis.

Data import from files

The system is ready for the automatic creation of financial analysis. It allows for balance sheet and PaLS data import from files generated by Symfonia and Comarch Optima accounting software packages or eKRS system. It accepts *.pdf, *.xls, and *.xml files.

Reports in the system

The system allows for the design of analysis scope, the definition of graphs’ settings, as well as results commenting and reports configuration. The reports can be shared online with selected users. They can be accessed anytime and using any device.

Multiuser access

The system allows the definition of access permissions for co-workers, shareholders, stakeholders, partners and clients. The access can be granted at any time and for user-selected scope of data.

Industry indicators

The analytical industry indicators presented below were calculated based on the financial data published by the Central Statistical Office of Poland.

Get ahead of the others and automate your financial analysis

By introducing financial analysis and permanent financial monitoring of companies into your offer, you go ahead with market demands.