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Reports in the system

One of the main features of the system is the abilitiy to create personalised financial analysis reports in *.pdf format. These reports can be accessed by users having required permissions, anywhere and from any device.

Data presentation in the reports:

To increase the readability and clarity, the data in the reports is grouped and presented in tabular form (ratios tables, analysis of percentage composition, analysis of dynamics). The scope of data can be extended by additional and own ratios. The reports created in the system can have different scopes of data. It is up to the user to decide on the scope of data included in the report.


Graphical presentation make the interpretation of numeric data easier, hence the system allows to create graphs for respective data groups. The configuration of the graphs is based on users choice related to: data series, type of graph, its name, visibility of data tips and its inclusion in the report.


Users preparing the reports can also add their comments, conclusions and recommendations related to the financial analysis of particular groups of data. The comments can be especially useful for the managers, supervisory board members, shareholders and stockholders.

Reports personalisation:

Report personalisation is related to the inclusion of company's data and logo on the title page of the report. In Expert And Analyst payment plans an extended version of personalised reports is available, including, apart from the report creator's data (i.e., accounting office, financial advisor or analyst), also the data and logo of the client for whom the report was prepared.

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