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This screen contains all data entered during the account registration process:

  • User's identification data (name and surname; login (email; account creation date and last login date,
  • Data of the account's owner defined during the registration process as a company or a private individual. This information is the default data used to create a VAT invoice. You can also define other invoice data.
  • Company's logo – imported file in the *.png, *.jpg or *.gif format which will be used to personalise the reports.
  • Domain – if the account has been created using an email from the company's domain, then for this domain you can create an unlimited number of users. All unlimited users must have email addresses from this domain. This function is not active for accounts using the global domains.


  • Change the datasystem allows to change the user's identification data (name and surname; company's name, address and NIP (for companies and organisations). Data change has to be confirmed by pressing the Save button.
  • Transfer account's owner permissionsoption required when you change the person in charge of the service. Account owner's permissions can be transferred to another defined user.
  • Download personal data report – allows to obtain a *.pdf file with all the personal information gathered in the system for this account.
  • Download data from GUS – allows to obtain the name, address and industry of the company from the BIR1 system of the Central Statistical Office of Poland.
  • Other VAT invoice data – allows to change the data for the VAT invoice.
  • Remove account – allows to remove all identifying data listed in the personal data report.

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