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Watcher is a type of account with the limited access. It has permissions to only view the data.

This screen contains the list of all the watchers with access permissions for the current account. In addition to the basic data of the watchers, such as name, surname, email address, account's creation date and the last login date, you can also see the list of clients they have access to.

Number of defined watchers is limited by the current subscription package.


  • Add a watcherability to define new watchers within the account. Each new watcher will automatically receive an email regarding his permissions and a first-time access password. If the new watcher already has a defined access to the system, then they can use their new permissions without the need to relog. New permissions will be visible in My accounts tab.
  • Edit allows to change the configuration of the currently defined watcher.
  • Deletedeletes the access permissions to the current account for the selected watcher.

WORK ON MANY ACCOUNTS: system allows work on many accounts without the need to relog. By default, each user has access to one account. If needed, user can open a new account (e.g. for another company) or obtain access permissions to another account.

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