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Errors and warnings

This screen contains all of the errors and warnings related to the entered financial data in form of balance sheet and profit and loss statement files, as well as additional data, which may have the negative impact on the ratios calculated by system.

Error table contains:

  • Error's titleindicates the type of an error or warning.
  • Periodindicates a period in which the error or warning has appeared.
  • Name and value of incorrect dataindicates a row of balance sheet, profit and loss statement files or additional data in which the error or warning has appeared, giving also the value of incorrect data.
  • Remark - explains the type of an error or incorrect value in the input data.
  • Impact on calculations – information on influence this error or warning has on calculations within system.
  • Hint – information on how to fix this error/warning.


  • Correct - this option allows to remove the error/warning by correcting it in the system.
  • Ignore - this option is used when user decides to leave the error or warning without any corrections.
  • Download error report - allows to download the report in the *.pdf format.

Not all errors can be corrected in the system. In these cases, user should correct the data in their accounting system, generate new balance sheet and profit and loss statement files and perform an analysis again, importing the results to system.

In case of warnings, system will provide some hints on the location of incorrect data, which does not have to mean that there are some errors in the input data. These warnings need to be checked and then either corrected or ignored.

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