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Own financial ratios system offers a group of basic and additional ratios, available straight away after registering an account. Analysis can be expanded by defining an unlimited number of own financial ratios and adding them to the reports.

Defining own financial ratios requires mainly to define the formula used to calculate the ratio's value. In the formula you can use mathematical operators and numbers. You can also use the positions of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement. The system will provide suggestions about the available names, while you type them. After the formula is defined you should also specify the name and type (value or percent) of the new ratio. The ratio has to be assigned to a selected group of ratios.

The system allows also to define the ratio's description. The description is very useful for the team work within the account. If a user defines a new financial ratio, they can provide its formula, description or interpretation. Other users will be able to access the information - the description will appear after clicking the ratio's name.

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