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Performing financial analysis has never been easier. The system combines the extensive functional scope, ease of use, automated data import from files provided by accounting software packages as well as clear data presentation. Use the available hints regarding ratio's definitions, formulae and interpretations of their values and get online access to your analysis from any place and on any device. Use the full system functionality, perform systematic analysis of your company and monitor its financial standing. Prepare financial reports for shareholders, supervisory board members, partners, contractors and banks.

The company can: 

  • Configure the team work using a multiuser access with varying access permission levels,
  • Import clients' data, in the form of the balance sheet and profit and loss statement, into the system,
  • Prepare personalised financial analysis for the clients,
  • Extend the already prepared analysis. It is possible to add further periods (months, quarters, years), and consequently to systematically monitor the finances of the clients,
  • Create the *.pdf reports.

The system can be also used to monitor and rate contractors and debtors.

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