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What is your instalment?

Can the company afford to take a credit? You can check the value of credit instalment and interest using the credit calculator.

The credit calculator allows to create a credit repayment schedule. The tool is dedicated to people who want to know the amount of principal repayment paid in different periods of time.

The credit calculator calculates the amount of individual principal repayments with given credit rate, credit period and type of instalment. When calculating the principal repayment values, it is possible to take into account the free period of the repayment, the provision and the date of taking out the credit. The calculator provides information about the principal repayment, including the capital and interest, and displays the amount of capital to be paid. Thanks to this, the borrower has the knowledge about the values of paid capital and paid interest.

The tool displays the simulation of the repayment schedule and allows to download it as a *.pdf file.

Example credit repayment schedule:

Example credit repayment schedule obtained using the credit calculator

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