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New feature in!

It's today! In response to our users' needs, we introduced another functionality extending the scope of the Expert and Analyst packages – Competition analysis. The competition analysis makes it possible to compare the company's ratios to the ratios of the competitor or competitors, even if they are not in the same section of the PKD 2007 classification. The source data comes from analyses performed in the system for appropriately marked contractors within one account, regardless of the user performing them. They are automatically updated when:

  • the contractor is marked as included in the competition analysis,
  • the contractor is removed from the list of contractors included in the competition analysis,
  • the contractor is removed from the account in the system,
  • a new analysis is performed for the contractor (as a result of creating, editing, or extending the analysis),
  • the previously created analysis for the contractor is deleted.

The selection of contractors included in the competition analysis is possible from the menu Settings > Access settings > Clients or Settings > Data > Clients' industries and requires selecting a contractor in the Incl. in competition analysis column. If, for a given account, at least one contractor has been marked as a competitor and at least one analysis has been created for it, i.e., there is source data for the competition analysis, then the Compare with competition option will appear in the preview of the analysis results (Fig. 1). This option is available in the tables of monitored ratios, financial standing, and all groups of analytical ratios (financial liquidity, debt and debt management, efficiency, profitability, and general performance), i.e., wherever it is possible to compare with industry benchmarks calculated based on data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland. The competition ratios appear in the tables and graphs, marked yellow by default.

Compare with competition option in analysis results previewFig. 1 Part of the results preview screen with the Compare with competition option

An example of financial standing with the competition analysis is available here.

How do we calculate the competition ratios?

Let us assume that our competitors are Companies X, Y, and Z. We perform an analysis for 2018-2021 for Company X, two analyses for 2018-2019 and 2020-2021 for Company Y, and an analysis for 2019-2021 for Company Z. To calculate the competition ratios for 2018-2021 we will use the data from all four analysis. However, for 2018, only the data for Companies X and Y will be used, while for the other periods, all competitors will participate. The source values for respective ratios will be the sums of the balance sheet and profit and loss values resulting from the statements of the competitors.

Compare yourself to your competition – easily and intuitively!

Competition analysis allows you to define more precise industry benchmarks used for comparisons.