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New feature in – "Share"

The system has been updated with a new feature called "Share" (see Fig. 1), which allows previewing financial analysis results, based on a link to such an analysis. It is possible to preview the analysis, even if you do not have an account in the system.

Analysis preview with the Share feature markedFig. 1 Analysis preview with the "Share" feature marked

Clicking the link provided via the "Share" feature allows to preview the analysis according to the settings defined by the sharing user. It means, among other things, that the initial view depends on the user's preferences. Among the available initial views one can find: Financial standing, Analytical PaLS, Balance sheet - Assets, Balance sheet - Liabilities, and ratio groups defined in the "Ratios" submenu. It is possible to share the same analysis multiple times, each time using a different initial view or its different presentation (chart, table data).

The "Share" feature can be used in the following situations:

  1. financial advisor or accountant shares the analysis with the representative of the company,
  2. company informs interested contractors about its financial situation, to confirm financial credibility,
  3. financial manager presents the results to other departments,
  4. company periodically shares the information on its financial situation with capital providers,
  5. teacher presents the examples to the students,
  6. to deliver webinars or e-learning exercises related to financial analysis.

Operation principle:

After clicking the "Share" button, the system displays the "Share using a link" dialog window (see Fig. 2). The User can copy the link to share using the "Copy and close" button below the Link field. Alternatively, the User can provide a set of email addresses in the "Emails" field to share the link via the mailing system. After clicking the "Send and close" button, individual emails will be sent to the provided recipients (email addresses should be separated with a semicolon ';').

Share dialog windowFig. 2 Share dialog window

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