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New feature in!

Thanks to our cooperation with the authors of 360  Księgowość system, our users can now perform financial analysis based on the data exported from this accounting system.

How it works?

The 360 Księgowość system allows to perform accounting of your company online. One of its features, particularly important for the system, is the ability to share the balance sheet and profit and loss statement data through:

  • files in .xls format,
  • files in .pdf format,
  • application programming interface (API).

In case of data exported in .xls and .pdf files, users can choose the Import from accounting system files option as before. Warning! For the import to work correctly, the files exported from the 360 Księgowość system should include zero-valued rows.

To use the API, it is required to use the menu Settings > Access settings > Clients, select Edit for the client whose data is to be imported to system and fill in the API ID and API Key fields. The data for these fields can be obtained in the 360 Księgowość system, under Settings > API settings. Warning! The Data from 360 Księgowość system API option, shown in Fig. 1, is only available for the clients with defined API ID and API Key as described above.

Available options for creating new analysisFig. 1 Part of the new analysis screen with Data from 360 Księgowość system API option

After selecting the Data from 360 Księgowość system API option, the user is asked to define the accounting periods for which the balance sheet and profit and loss data will be automatically downloaded through the API. The information on available accounting periods appears after selecting some particular client, as shown in Fig. 2.

Available accounting periodsFig. 2 Information on available accounting periods

The number of periods for which the API-based analysis can be performed is limited as with all other data sources, i.e. four periods for the Company package and eight periods for the Expert and Analyst packages.

Eqsily import data from the 360 Księgowość system – right now!

Use the integrated API or send the files downloaded from your accounting system to