eanaliza.pl at the conference

Apr 9, 2019

Our team presented the eanaliza.pl system at the conference "ICTECH – Information Technologies and Creative Industries – Digital Silesia". The presentation has been a part of the talk entitled "Supporting management decisions in enterprises on the example of the eanaliza.pl system". The paper presenting the results of our research has been recently published in the "Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Katowicach" journal (ISSN 2083-8611 no. 368).

To encourage you to get better acquainted with the eanaliza.pl system, we present the abstract of the paper: 

"Making reasonable management decisions related to the finances of an enterprise requires the knowledge about its past, present and future financial standing. The aim of the paper is to present the results of the authors' own research, including algorithms and solutions implemented in the eanaliza.pl system. In the paper we discuss, among other things, the model of cooperation of the enterprise employees within the framework of the presented system, as well as the model of data sharing among different groups of data recipients, providing the knowledge dedicated to the management staff, the executives and external entities. We also describe the testing procedure of system's operation correctness. The presented solutions are the response to the diagnosed lack, on the Polish market, of advanced and intuitive online tools related to financial analysis, addressed to the enterprises in the SME sector. This diagnosis is the result of market and literature analysis carried out by the authors of the paper."

If you are interested in getting some more details regarding the paper, please contact us at biuro@technicenter.pl or through the contact form on the eanaliza.pl website.

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