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Technicenter partnership with WSB University!

Technicenter sp. z o.o. - the publisher of the service - became a new business partner in the field of Finance and Accounting at the WSB University in Chorzów.

Technicenter took the patronage over the speciality Finance of small and medium-sized enterprises. The benefit of the agreement is that the students and WSB University employees will be able to use the modern analytical tools available within the service.

The students can use the Edu version of to:

  • check their knowledge regarding the finance and financial analysis of enterprises based on real-life examples,
  • gain information in the form of definitions and equations prepared and verified by high-class specialists,
  • compare the financial results of an enterprise with the results of its industry,
  • improve their projects with charts and tables with financial results,
  • share with their teachers and submit for evaluation, the results related to financial analysis and financial management of enterprises.

While teaching or doing research, th system can be used to:

  • check students' knowledge regarding the finance and financial analysis of enterprises,
  • verify students' projects using the user or watcher roles available in the system; the student, being the owner of the account, assigns edit or read-only access rights to performed analysis,
  • enhance the prepared papers and teaching materials with charts and tables,
  • provide research resources.

Technicenter, the publisher of the system, and the Dean of WSB University in Chorzów dr Krzysztof Koj, sign the partnership agreement

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