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Risk analysis with
May 24, 2019
Our team presented the paper entitled "Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise Risk Monitoring Based on Financial Analysis Results" at the "8th European Risk Conference". We discussed the problem of risk... at the conference
Apr 9, 2019
Our team presented the system at the conference "ICTECH – Information Technologies and Creative Industries – Digital Silesia". The presentation has been a part of the talk entitled "Supporting management...
What you can gain with credit calculator?
Jan 29, 2019
Can the company afford to take a credit? You can check the value of credit instalment and interest using the credit calculator. The credit calculator allows to create a credit repayment schedule. The tool is dedicated to...
Financial standing
Jan 29, 2019
Financial standing contains results which are based on the company’s financial data (balance sheet, profit and loss statement and additional information). The results can be presented on the chart and compared with the reference...
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